Metal Buildings

Carports – Garages – Barns – RV Covers – Horse Barns – Commercial Structures

Select metal buildings are up to 24% off through April 30, 2024!

All buildings can be customized to meet your needs!

Standard buildings come with: 14 gauge galvanized steel framing, 29 gauge metal roofing with 20 year Beckers paint system, and framing spaced 5′ on center or less. All buildings are certified for 35 pounds of snow per square foot and 140 miles per hour winds.

We can deliver metal buildings to 24 states, so location is not an issue!

Custom Design Your Metal Structure!

*Prices are subject to change. The configurator prices may not be correct (may be too high or too low), and Southern Backyard Living holds the authority to change prices where needed.

Introducing our new metal building upgrades!

Standard Carports: 20′-30′ Wide

We offer standard carports starting at 20′ wide and as long as you need!

Carport shown:

24x25x9 Vertical Roof Carport $5,275

Shown with:

2 Gable ends
Trimmed half panels

Commercial Grade: 32′-40′ Wide

Commercial structures start at 32′ wide and can go all the way up to 70′ wide. Some commercial structures are double posted and other feature special ladder legs. Call us for more information!

Commercial shown:


Shown with:

Fully enclosed
2 10×10 Roll-up garage doors
1 Walk-in Door

Call us directly for a quote!!

RV Covers: 18′-30′ Wide

RV covers start at 18′ wide and any length you need to accommodate your camper or RV.  They can be single or double posted depending on your preference and needs.

RV Cover shown: 20x51x16 Vertical Roof Double Posted $13,250

Shown with:

2 Vertical gable ends
2 Vertical 3′ panels on side

Garage Packages

Garage packages start at 12′ wide. We offer different size roll up doors, walk-in door, and windows to help customize the building.

Garage shown: 24x26x9 Garage $11,010

This package includes:

2 10×8 Roll-up garage doors with angle cuts
1 Walk-in door
​3 30″ x 36″ Windows

Combo Unit Packages

Combo packages can be customized with different storage sizes, roll up doors, windows, and walk-in door. By designing your own, you can tell which style and size would be best for you!

Combo Shown:

22x31x9 Vertical Roof $11,360.

This package includes:

2 2×3 Windows
1 Walk-in door
1 8×8 Roll up garage door

Horse Barn Packages

Horse Barn packages have so many ways to customize. We offer all different sizes, roof pitches, and more! Design your own or give us a call to take a deep dive into all the customizations we offer!

Horse Barn Shown: 42x31x13x9 Vertical Roof  $17,100.

Shown with:

1 8×8 Roll up garage door

2 2×3 Windows

​1 Walk-in door

Gable ends

Frame outs on side of lean to

Seneca Barn Packages

Seneca Barns can be any size you need them to be! They allow a straight roof slope, which is different than the horse barn packages.

Seneca Barn Shown:

46x31x14x11 Vertical Roof $13,405.

Shown with:

Gables on front and back of each section
2 3′ panels on sides

Single Slope Roof: 12′-24′ Wide

Single Slope buildings start as a simple open carport, but we can add sides and ends to create a super unique garage!

Single Slope Shown: 20x25x11x7 Vertical Roof $11,210.

Shown with:

2 8×8 Roll up garage doors
1 Walk-in door

Check out the gallery page for buildings we have installed for customers!!